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Trilogy Copilot is the Engine that Powers Our Success

We’re problem-solvers, doers, and innovators. We promise to design and deliver extraordinary cleaning experiences for you and your company. To put it plainly, we’re here to help you, not sell to you. You can always expect your interactions with us to be informative and casual, with no high-pressure sales tactics.

Powered by our guided workflow app called Trilogy Copilot, we custom-tailor our cleaning services for your building, making Trilogy the most innovative cleaning technology the world has ever known.

Trilogy Copilot system

It’s a guided workflow app that we created. We were the first cleaning service to introduce guided workflow technology to an industry plagued by chronically poor performance. We tossed out old, outdated solutions and applied Lean and Six Sigma principles to commercial cleaning. Trilogy Copilot serves up tasks, instructions, and best practices to our Cleaning Technicians in bite-sized pieces. We’re able to incorporate institutional knowledge and unique client preferences so that our team never misses a beat.

With Trilogy Copilot, Cleaning Tasks Are Completed The Right Way, Every Time.

Here’s The Big Secret Everyone Wants To Know

Relying on memory or paper-based task lists eventually leads to confusion and inconsistent outcomes. With Trilogy Copilot, our Cleaning Technicians achieve results that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Beginning with your scope of work, we meticulously design dynamic routes that maximize efficiency. Then, we present them in a simple and intuitive way. The result? Unimaginable levels of productivity.

Our Trilogy Copilot app runs on an extra-large 18” tablet that we mount directly to each cleaning cart. With tasks and instructions directly in front of our Cleaning Technicians, work gets done correctly every time. Client-specific preferences are stored in Trilogy Copilot, where details can’t be forgotten. Our Onsite Supervisors provide oversight to ensure that the plan is followed every step of the way.

Trilogy Copilot seamlessly coordinates cleaning within Trilogy’s Optimized Cleaning System. This means cleaning tasks, chemicals, supply storage, equipment, and reporting are tied together in one channel. We achieve precision cleaning by integrating every aspect of our approach into a single solution.

Every Aspect of a Cleaning Technician’s Shift is Planned to Maximize Efficiency

Trilogy Copilot Creates A Focus On Performance

From the moment our staff arrives at your building until they leave for the day, their routes and tasks have been carefully planned and synchronized to your building. We cut through the waste, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring best-in-class results.

We Bring Precision To Everything That We Do

Each Cleaning Technician’s route is broken down into step-by-step, actionable tasks that are mapped directly to your building’s floor plan and aligned to your scope of work. We put your expectations right in front of our people ensuring things are done right the first time.

We’ve Engineered, Optimized, and Synchronized Our Cleaning Operations to Deliver Peak Performance

Engineered For Excellence

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