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Trilogy Offers the Lowest Service Prices in the Cleaning Industry.

Our revolutionary technology and targeted cleaning dramatically enhance productivity, reducing our costs to a level that enables Trilogy to keep our prices below the competition.

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It’s No Accident We Became the Cost Leader. It’s by Design.

We clean more square footage per hour than anyone else, with fewer people, and we’re good at it. We’ve eliminated steps and designed our entire cleaning process around efficiency, productivity, and excellence.

How do we deliver so much value to our clients?

We began with the end goal in mind and then reverse-engineered our approach. Trilogy’s engineers thoroughly researched, designed, and innovated a superior method, leaving outdated techniques behind. Every aspect of our operation was scrutinized, leading us to construct robust systems, processes, and hardware aimed at achieving peak efficiency, closing productivity gaps, and most importantly, delivering exceptional service quality.

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9 out of 10 Clients Report Trilogy is the Best Price

Trilogy Copilot Enables Us to Clean 40% More than the Industry Standard

Trilogy’s OCS Streamlines Our Operations, Making Us Lean and Cost-Effective

We’ll Prepare a Clear, Friction-Free Proposal Designed Around Your Expectations

We’re problem-solvers, doers, and innovators. We promise to design and deliver extraordinary cleaning experiences for you and your company. To put it plainly, we’re here to help you, not sell to you. You can always expect your interactions with us to be informative and casual, with no high-pressure sales tactics.

We Engineer A Cost Effective, Remarkable Cleaning Experience

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