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Trilogy’s Hybrid Daytime Cleaning Delivers A Remarkable Experience

A supportive, capable team is available when you need them during peak hours of the day. Efficient, reliable results are delivered in the evenings and early mornings to avoid interrupting your work day. With our Hybrid Daytime Cleaning Model, you get the best of both worlds.

Consistently Clean

Light maintenance cleaning happens conveniently throughout the day when you need it most.

Smart Scheduling

More obtrusive tasks like vacuuming are reserved for early morning or evening hours.

Happy Employees

Trilogy employees report higher satisfaction and better work/life balance with Hybrid Daytime shifts.

Thrilled Clients

Clients witness Trilogy’s team in action and can call on them throughout the day for on-demand support.

Trilogy’s Hybrid Daytime Cleaning routes are custom-tailored to your building. Tasks are carefully scheduled to minimize disruptions. We do all of the louder or more intrusive work in the early morning or evening hours. 

During the day, our Cleaning Technicians focus on tasks that most benefit the facility’s occupants. This includes routine cleaning, maintenance, and immediate response to any arising needs.

Cleaning technician
Corporate cleaning services

Trilogy’s Hybrid Daytime Cleaning model offers a unique blend of efficiency and transparency with a personal touch. Seeing our team in action allows you to witness the quality of our work firsthand. Our team’s visibility enables immediate feedback and reinforces our dedication to maintaining a clean, healthy, and vibrant workplace.

Our Cleaning Technicians are professionally dressed and extensively trained. They are approachable, courteous, and skilled in performing their duties efficiently. Their commitment to service reinforces Trilogy’s reputation as a leader in commercial cleaning services. Their presence enhances, rather than disrupts, the day-to-day experience of building occupants.

Cleaning technician
cleaning technician using Trilogy Copilot

For Trilogy’s employees, our Hybrid Daytime model offers a significant advantage compared to the conventional graveyard shift, supporting a better work-life balance and overall job satisfaction. Our employees report that interacting with clients fosters a sense of pride and community within the workplace.

Trilogy’s Hybrid Daytime Cleaning Model Elevates the Standard of Cleanliness and Client Satisfaction While Enhancing the Well-Being of Our Employees

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