We’re different.

Forget everything you know
about cleaning companies.

We Are A Cleaning Company

With A Fresh Perspective

Our team comes from outside the cleaning industry. Being outsiders allows us to bring a fresh perspective, new ideas and better solutions.

Getting Different Results,

Requires a Different Approach.

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We’ve created innovative technologies to drive our results

We think of ourselves as a technology company that happens to clean offices. We’ve written our own software to leverage advanced technologies and drive results.

Our technology is like

nothing you’ve ever seen

Client Center
gives you control.

We wanted to bring our clients something that would enhance their cleaning experience. So we developed Client Center, a powerful, password protected communication software that is accessible through your internet browser. You’ll have access to dynamic cleaning preferences, interactive floor plans of your facility, reports, documents and much more.

We’ve Narrowly Focused Our

Efforts Around Office Cleaning

We clean only major office buildings, corporate campuses, and high-tech R&D facilities.

All of our systems, technology, training and management are designed with that narrow focus in mind. To put it bluntly – we do this so we can be really good at it, and we are!

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Clear Expectations

Through a customized guided process, we evaluate your regular cleaning needs and align expectations. No guessing, we provide you with a clear, task-driven scope of work.

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Precise Execution

We implement our cleaning service with Co-pilot, our guided workflow software. Each Co-pilot is completely tailored your specific building, taking into account every last cubicle.

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Active Management

We provide daily supervision at all of our client’s facilities, because we believe in measured and managed results. This is a people-driven service and we believe in strong daily guidance and management.

Join our growing list of clients and see how Trilogy delivers an exceptional cleaning experience, every time.


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